Bio: My name is Lonjing a.k.a Luan xin and I’m a 20-year-old Indian. I’m starting my bachelors’ studies in Computer Science under the IT faculty this year. I grew up in hilly environments and am part of Northeast-India. My hometown is Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, a place where ancient culture meets the ultra-modern. You can find so much creative stuff: cool buildings, fashion, food, Shop places, more. Indian’s trends cover a wide variety of styles. People here love vivid colors, floral prints, cool looks, more. People in India express themselves with unique style, which you can see in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. My style is all about finding unique pieces and mixing them with everyday items to achieve a unique look. I’d say I’m more on the edgy side of things: I love leather jackets, rock tees and spiky flats. But then I combine them with dressy blazers, fitted jeans or maxi skirts. Then you get a balance between girly and chic. I love brands like Balmain and McQueen because of their edge. Other favorites are Stella McCartney, Jason Wu, D&G, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs. When it comes to shopping, I like Zara because they’ve got great prices and some of their clothes are inspired by great designer collections. I want to express my love for Blogging & Art. However, my future goal, after I am older, is to work in Multinational IT companies. One of my short-term goals for now is also launching a fashion blog that can hopefully become a go-to for fashionistas worldwide. I love to spend my time blogging and meeting new people.

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